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  • Product ID: MV3


    Whether you need to pick up dry debris, dust, glass or even liquids, the MV3 vacuum has a specially designed cartridge filter that enables you to tackle it all without the inconvenience of changing the filter. The liquid pickup feature of the Kärcher MV3 is not only beneficial for cleaning up spills, but also has the capability to unblock sinks.


  • Product ID: MV4



    Like all Kärcher products, our MV4 Premium has been engineered with practicality in mind. The MV4 Premium is one of the most versatile home and workshop tools that you’ll ever own – with its powerful 1600w motor, you’ll be able to clear up rubble, sawdust and spills, and even unblock your sink. The MV4 has a compact size, and with its ergonomically designed carrying handle is light, mobile and easy to transport.


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    Product ID: S650

    Clean up to 1,800 square meters in an hour, and up to five times faster than with a conventional broom with the S650 push sweeper. Cleaning pavement, roads and courtyards right up to the edges has never been easier. The Kärcher S650 makes sweeping easy, with little physical effort,


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    Product ID: SC1


    Relying on nothing but water, the SC1 promises a deeper clean than ever before. From stubborn stains to kitchen surfaces, the steam stick can provide deep cleaning results in even the most awkward corners, and is lightweight and incredibly versatile, By making use of steam, rather than traditional water cleaning methods, this multi-use steam mop makes the removal of dirt and grease effortless. The lightweight design and inclusion of an extension hose ensure that you can bring chemical-free deep cleaning to every last corner of your home with ease, and without the expense of cleaning chemicals and products.