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STIHL Cutquik® Cart & Water Container

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Product Description

The STIHL Cutquik® Cart is specially designed for use with STIHL cut-off machines when cutting expansion cuts or curbs and a wheeled tool is necessary.

This cart offers improved handling and cutting performance with a forward weight orientation and a toolless quick connect system.

The cart also features a large deflector as well as sealed bearing wheels to help keep out dust and debris.

The handle folds for easy transport, making this lightweight, compact and portable cart an ideal accessory to anyone that uses a cut-off machine.

Designed to fit STIHL TS 410 & TS 700 cut-off machines.

No need to drag a water hose along behind a cart, now you can take water with you.

This water tank fits right onto the cart. Simply grab it by the built-in handle, lift it off, fill it up and slide it back into position.

It holds up to 3.4 gallons, and has a screen to help keep debris out of the tank.

The translucent tank lets you easily keep an eye on the water level.


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