MANNOL 7713 – O.E.M. for Korean Cars

Innovative premium fully synthetic engine oil for modern HYUNDAI and KIA gasoline engines with and without a turbocharger. Designed in accordance with the requirements of Korean automakers specifically for engines with a variable valve timing system CVVT from HYUNDAI starting with 2L Beta I4 engine models (Hyundai Elantra and Kia Spectra from >2005), Alpha II DOHC (Hyundai Accent / Verna, Tiburon, Kia Cee’d >2006).

Product properties:
– Ester components provide excellent anti-wear and anti-friction properties due to the exceptional durability of the oil film, which, combined with excellent pumpability, significantly increases the engine’s service life even in heavy driving conditions;
– Offers high fuel efficiency due to reduced viscosity and optimal anti-friction properties;
– Highly effective additive package and synthetic base ensure confident cold start in any conditions, which significantly reduces startup wear;
– Excellent washing and dispersing properties and the highest thermal-oxidative stability effectively fight against all types of deposits and keep engine parts and turbochargers clean;
– Compatible with the latest exhaust gas after-treatment systems;
– A special synthetic base provides long-term trouble-free operation of the continuous variable valve timing system CVVT;
– Suits engines with extended oil change intervals (Long Life) and conventional engines;
– Offers great compatibility with sealing materials.

Designed for gasoline engines of cars, light SUVs, vans and light trucks (primarily HYUNDAI and KIA), where the performance level of API SN / ILSAC GF-5 is required.

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