Karcher Water Pumps

Do You Have Poor Water Pressure At Home?

I know it can be annoying but thankfully there are solutions at OSV Group, bringing YOU a Better Life.

Now You’re probably saying HURRY, Tell Me That Solution!

… okay it’s…

Karcher Water Pumps

Karcher Water Pumps


Whether it’s for usage in the home, garden, deep or swallow wells… we have a water pump to suit your need.

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Customers love these water pumps because they deliver consistent pressure no matter what the demand.

Besides, Karcher pumps will make your life Hassle Free… The automatic On/Off Switch will prevent damage to your pump in the event its water source runs day.  It will also automatically come back on once the water source fills up again.

In the unfortunate event that your pump gets damaged… NOPE. You don’t need to put the $$ out for a whole new one. We’ve got a full range of parts kept in stock.

We are here to support you.  Call us anytime we’ll be glad to assist you.


Reach us at: 784-457-5000

Or email: scott.ward@osv.com.vc

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