Need An Office Upgrade?

5 Reasons YOU Need an Office UPgrade

Frustrated? UPgrade Your Office


Our sturdy filing cabinets will help organize documents and free up desk space.  Therefore, making it much easier to find… That Document YOU Need… in way less time!



Upgrade Your Office


Everyone needs a desk and chair to fit their person, just like we all wear different sizes and shapes of clothing.  Get your ergonomic work-space to relieve work strain/injuries and discomfort.

Ergonomics - Office Upgrade


Not only will you feel less frustrated and more focused… but you would NOT BELIEVE the poor results caused by poor work-space conditions!

Mark Kaelin reports that, “According to numerous studies conducted and published by the United States Department of Labor and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) are the leading cause of pain, suffering, and disability in American workplaces, accounting for 33% of all workers’ compensation costs. The disheartening truth of that statistic is that with a little foresight, some planning, and a modest amount of training, almost all that wasted expense could be eliminated.

A small $10,000 workers’ compensation claim, for example, would require an enterprise with a 3% profit margin to generate at least $700,000 more in sales just to cover the cost.”

So basically you can think of it as saving yourself $700,000 per injured worker by simply upgrading to some ergonomic office furniture!

Increase Sales - UPgrade Your Office

And Lastly!  This may all sound great and just what you need but WAIT – there’s one more important factor …  This Office Upgrade will NOT be out of your budget… OSV how do you know? Well because we will work along with your budget and your needs to find you the best fit.  Plus our Office Rep will visit you free of charge to assess your needs and go over the details with you, FREE OF CHARGE! 

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Need an Office Upgrade?

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