Do You Have Poor Water Pressure At Home?

I know it can be annoying but thankfully there are solutions at OSV Group, bringing YOU a Better Life.

Now You’re probably saying HURRY, Tell Me That Solution!

… okay it’s…

Karcher Water Pumps

Karcher Water Pumps


Whether it’s for usage in the home, garden, deep or swallow wells… we have a water pump to suit your need.

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Enjoy HOT Water with CHROMAGEN


Solar Water Heaters

Do YOU like a Cold Shower? … Neither do I!

Take care of yourself and never experience an icy cold bath again… CHROMAGEN Solar Water Heaters will keep your water hot around the clock with it’s sturdy water tanks and panels.

You Deserve one of these water heating systems… call us NOW and we will have it installed and running within 48 hours.

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Car Rims DIY ProWheel Aerosols

Rims DIY ProWheel Aerosols

Your Dreams Are Come True!

Yes. You can now DIY (Do It Yourself)… Paint those rims all yourself while maintaining that professional look.  Choose any colour of your choice, it’s available with ProWheel Aerosols!

Or got a scratch on your rim that needs patching? – Don’t Stress! We’ll match the colour for you.  No spray gun needed… Just shake &

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Custom Printed Feather Banners are now Available at OSV Group Inc.

Feather Banners

We are now printing and assembling feather banners locally which enables us to produce them much faster for your convenience.  Not only does this improve completion time but you can now have your design done for FREE by one of our top designers.  These feather banners are also easy to fold and store making them readily reusable.

For More Information CALL US: 784-457-5000


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Quality Oil Made AFfordable

Mannol Oil is manufactured in Germany by one of the top leading world-wide oil production factories. It is also guaranteed to provide high performance and efficiency while protecting engines from general wear.  You are promised premium quality with this product.

Mannol Oil

There are different types of Mannol Oil.   Some of these include: hydraulic oil, brake fluid, special high pressure oil, gear oil,

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BECOPLEX for a Better Life

Take BECOPLEX for a better life.

A powerful vitamin tonic which will enhance your mental and physical performance, and general fitness and well-being. It will also increase your metabolism and accelerate growth.  This vitamin tonic is great for vitamin B complex and vitamin C deficiencies.  It also works as a dietary food supplement. Therefore this tonic is the ultimate supplement to maintain your general well-being and boost everyday performance.

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Get The Best of Both Worlds…

With hot water & a comfortable cooled house. 

Air Conditioning, Solar Water Heating

Chromagen, solar water solution, is a top of the line technology. It is not only cost effective but provides for comfortable living with 6 years warranty on the tanks and 8 years on the panels.

Streamline on the other hand is a highly recommended and quality proven air conditioning brand. 

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